Exterior Render

Many of our finishes can be used both internally and externally.

Polished plaster can be applied to plasterboard, polystyrene, cement sheet, render, brickwork and solid walls.

It has excellent breathability and rather than needing ongoing maintenance and upkeep, it is a finish that strengthens with age. The thickness of the applied product provides long-lasting and durable protection.

Polished plaster is suited to an outdoor environment as it encourages any water absorbed on the wall to quickly evaporate and is resistant to moisture.

The finish provides a smooth and jointless surface that enhances architectures and creates a very appealing and modern look. It can be used to create dramatic entrances, highlight exterior architecture and provides a sophisticated and high end look.

C&C Webb have worked externally on buildings for over twenty years and are excited to add polished plaster, in conjunction with acrylic render and solid (cement) render, to the services we provide.